Back To Georgia

Back To Georgia cover picture

This album is the brainchild of our friend and patron, Richard Strom. We have been singing some of these songs since we
were children; a few got the thumbs-up when Richard first heard us perform them live in concert, and a couple are especially
meaningful to Richard, and we learned them especially for this project at his urging. The result is a collection of
our take on songs that are a part of the colorful fabric of American Country music. It was a pleasure to record and get to
know these songs more intimately. The enthusiasm of one audience member makes a big difference.


 City Of New Orleans  
 Can’t Let Go  
 Folsom Prison Blues  
 Long Long Time  
 Who’ll Stop The Rain  
 Boulder To Birmingham  
 Please Release Me  
 Wagon Wheel  
 Going Back To Georgia  
 Pancho & Lefty  
 Till I Gain Control Again  
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