New Orleans (I’ll be Coming Home)

New Orleans (I’ll be Coming Home)
(©2006 Words and Music Andy Hill)

This was my room
You can still see the floor
That was my desk
There was a door
We left a few days of food
Soon the dogs began to bark
We coulda used a hand as the water rose
Hell, we coulda used Noah’s Ark

Now the writing on the crumbling wall
Beneath the waterline says it all
New Orleans is all I ever knew
One day if she still resides
Offa St. Charles on the river side
New Orleans I’ll be coming home to you

This was my church
That was my school
Everything Sister Prejean taught me
Mother Nature overruled
We shot each other in that mad sky
Or lent our backs to the weak and tired
Some couldn’t make it to the Astrodome
They’re a painted number on what’s left of a home

This is my country
And all of you are me
You may not feel it yet
But one day you’ll see
See it in the eyes of the least of us
Who made it in time to a train, a car or a bus
Like a weed through a sidewalk crack
We disappeared, but we’re crawling back
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