Something Unbroken

(Words and Music By Andy Hill)

I tried to love you
Love wouldn't come
Hope asked for reasons
Time yielded none
I have only these ones:
My heart and my song
Darling you're right, you're right,
You're right and I'm gone

You said you could feel it
I could not disagree
Something unspoken
Shadowing me
Something unbroken
From here or beyond
Darling you're right, you're right
You're right and I'm gone

When a heart opens
Is anyone's guess
Of all my wrong choices
You were the best
Still all of these voices
They cry all night long
They say you're right, you're right
You're right but I'm gone

Darling, isn't "the hard way"
simply the heart's way
To say we learn too late?

My Darling believe me
I've just one more thing
You can cut every flower
You won't stop the spring
At some unknown hour
Your pure heart will mend
Then she'll come like a sweet summer shower
And you'll bloom once again
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