Before I Go To Sleep

(Words and Music By Andy Hill)

We tiptoe around each other's attitude
Yeah, we test each other sometimes
Mostly we're careful, careful not to cross the line
But I can see the day's comin'
Yeah I see it comin' fast
When we stop dressin' up the emperor
Put all this in the past
Hey, hey, hey

I guess I'll pack my things in the morning
When your car leaves the garage
We'll avoid the confrontation
Yeah, we'll call it a mirage
Later on we'll talk of pros and cons
Like it was just another deal
Maybe when we're both a little older
We'll admit this was for real

Now I've got eyelids like sandbags once again
And I'm tired of the same old fight
And I swear I'm gonna make a decision
Before I go to sleep tonight
hey, hey, hey

Yeah we know each other all too well
I see some of me in you
I had to admire your strategy
As I felt the blow that pierced me through and through
Like a killer first flashes his weapon
So you feel the whole thing twice
You held my past before me like I hadn't lived through it already
Thanks for the advice


Now the sun's goin' down just like a cannonball
In the darkness my bed looks like a leghold trap
My eyelids are showin' the same old horror flick
And my thoughts drip into my slumber just like a leaky tap
And there's a lot of talk here of morals
I may not have followed mine to the letter
You never so much as tested yours
At least I know myself better

hey, hey, hey (hey, hey, hey)
hey, hey, hey, (hey, hey, hey)

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