After All That's Passed Between Us

After all that's passed between us
I'd hoped this bitterness might fade
And still your memories defeat us
And the foundation that we laid
After all that's passed between
And hearts laid buried burned and blue
It fell to me to leave
So that both of us might breathe
And you could realize the best in you

If I once over-reacted
Or failed to recognize you needs
It was no under-handed tactic
You must, by now believe
And if in these scenes we acted
You feel your part was underscored
If I seemed too quick to judge
It was not malintenet or grudge
But through your precedent
That I expected more

Your gift weighed heavy on your shoulders
For you too complex to explain
And you grew cynical and colder
While you were treated just the same
Now after all that's passed between us
Am I to blame for your despair?
Sure as silence, sure as light
Sure as rain on us in the night
Made us abandon what it once forced us to share

Now after all that's passed between us
How deep I hurt I couldn't show
And all the thoughts of those who've seen us
And all the love you'll never know
Now after all that's come between us
I'll protect your name with all my heart
For the man without a friend may be the world's in the end
And I thank you for the chance to play a part
And i thanks you for the chance to play a part
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