Take My Hand

(Words and Music By Renee Safier)

I watch you sleep
I see you dream
I brush the hair from your face
In the world I built for you and me
We are dancing in a brilliant stream

Take my hand
Take my hand
Take my hand I'll lead you there

I watch you weep
I hear your silent screams
I wipe the tear from your cheek
In the world you built for me and you
Clouds are building up a dark forbidding hue

Take my hand
Take my hand
Take my hand we'll leave it there

The unfamiliar landscape might be daunting to you now
But I've lived within its brilliant light,
Just trust in me to show you how

Feel my arms surrounding you
Let my world come into view
Take my steady hand we'll make it
Your old mold, we both can break it
Darling take my hand, we'll make it there

ooh, ooh

1998 Words & Music by Renee Safier
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