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Andy & Renee & Hard Rain announce the release of their 16th CD, Fuse 32! This 12-song album of original songs covers the broad musical styles that are the hallmark of the band's repertoire. Tender ballads and rock-n-roll ride together along the band's lyrical landscape.

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the making of this, our 16th record. To Marty Rifkin, our intrepid producer, engineer, band mate and friend, we couldn't do it without you. Special thanks to Kirk Makin for his fiery and soulful electric guitar solos, Edo Tancredi for laying down the groove so expertly, Gabe Witcher for his ethereal and fanciful violin solos, and to John Acosta for adding his wonderful work on the cello. Thanks to our friends and family for supporting us and our music through the years. To Patrick Summar, Lorna Barangan, The Little Lebowski Suburban Overacheivers, and all our friends, we love you.

In the 8 years since the release of our last album of original material, Many Miles to Go, several important people in our lives have passed away. Some lived a long life, some left us suddenly or way too soon. Recording an album is an emotional journey, and in our collective search for the appropriate arrangements and performances, our thoughts and conversations often turned to those we miss dearly. Always in our hearts: K.C and Evelyn Hill, Brian Gillis and A.J. Argento.

“For the raindrop, joy is entering the river.” - Ghalib

Produced by: Marty Rifkin, Andy Hill & Renee Safier; Engineered and Mastered by: Marty Rifkin; Recorded at: Rifkin Productions, Santa Monica, CA; Graphic Design: Scott Phillips; Principal Photography: Bob Stevens, www.bobstevens.com; Additional Photography: Jacki Sackheim, Sterling Powers, Renee Safier, David Lassen


 Jack (Get Me Out Of The Hole)    
 It's Fine    
 Blood On The Tracks    
 Power Lines and Palm Trees    
 Lonely And Brokenhearted    
 I Fall Apart    
 Baby You've Changed    
 Willing To Wait    
 Great Big Light    
 Dark Eyes    
 Gulf Of Araby    
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