Murder On the Pier

Andy Hill

The Murder On The Pier
(© Words and Music by Andy Hill)

Two young lovers went walkiní
Oh to the pier one night
And the two young lovers got to talkiní
And they got into a fight
They didnít see the warniní
They didnít see no sign
And when the fog lifted on the followiní morning
There was one young lover to find

A tragedy said officer Joe
It must have been one hell of a fall
But when they pulled her body out of the ocean
There was a bullet hole through her skull
Well they put two and two together
And the case seemed suddenly sound
They went lookiní for the other young lover
But the other young lover skipped town

Well men have been known to make mistakes
When things ainít as they appear
They found the other young lover in a bar in a corner
With a woman and a bottle of beer
Well they forced the pieces of the puzzle into place
Had the trial date set for the 5th
And there was one young lover on his knees in a cell
For a crime he didnít commit

It was a cool night seven years later
He went walkiní on out to the pier
Saw the warning signs that he missed that night
The rustle in the bushes was clear
As he turned to face his assailant
Caught a bullet and stumbled and fell
He tumbled all the way to the ocean with the answer
But nobody there to tell

A tragedy said officer Joe
I guess the guilt was too hard to face
Itís the same gun he used on his girlfriend
And he closed the books on the case
(A case of mistaken identity)
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