Somebody to Leave (written by Karen Nash)

He's always honest
But I love the way you lie
He keeps me so warm
But you burn me deep inside
He sings so sweetly
But you got that dirty talk
He likes to carry me
But you love to watch me walk
Oh I'm tangled up with a beggar and a thief
There's no way out of here
I've got to find somebody to leave

Well he brings me roses
Yeah he takes me out at night
He's got lots of money
Andy he always looks alright
You never buy me nothing
No you never take me anywhere
You're always drunk but I love
The way you grow your hair
I can't live with or without either one of you
I'm caught up in between
I've got to make up my mind
I've got find somebody to leave

Oh you dropped out of night school
Andy he's got a Ph.D.
You sing the blues
He's got Mozart on CD
He wants to marry me
Yeah but you've got a wondering eye
My momma loves him
My daddy wants to, to take you outside
It's so complicated
Oh it's making me grieve
I've got to do what's right
I've got to find somebody to leave

Oh who's it gonna be?
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