Free Me (written by Dave Tokaji)

Bring me a priest
Bring me a holy man
Cause I'm a sinner
Waiting for confession
Then bring me a preacher
Whose mighty words and mighty verses
Can teach my shallow mind
The strength that comes from suffering

Maybe I need a justice
to Cast down his sentence
Maybe even a law man
To carry that sentence out for him
Then bring me a healer
Whose gentle hands
Can let my blind eyes see
Let my limp body walk again and

Free me, free me, free me
I know I gotta die a little
To get born again
Free me, free me, free me
Take this love and free me

Bring me a compass
Cause i lost my direction
Yeah I need your compass
And I need help to find my way back
Then give me a rhythm
Cause mine's been broken
Yeah give me a rhythm
That I can make my own again
Reborn in my own voice
Reborn in my own beat
Iím waiting for some love or some suffering
To be in the key that frees me

Free me, Free me
I know in the darkest places
I will find salvation
So free me, free me, free me
Take this blood and free me
Take this love and free me

Tonight on the outside Iím walkiní tall my friend
Oh but on the inside, inside Iím crawliní
I may be fighting back , but Iím retreating
I may be talkiní big but inside Iím whispering
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