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Have you ever dreamed of having your favorite independent artist perform a private concert just for you and your guests?

You can have a wonderful gathering, perfect sound, and world class music in your very own home or community center by producing a House Concert.

Musicians have made their living this way for thousands of years, and the tradition is enjoying a renaissance because of people like YOU.

Here's How It Works
1.Contact your family, friends and colleagues in your area. Tell them you are hosting a House Concert by Award-Winning Recording Artists, Andy and Renee.

2. If you'd like, We'll contact a few of our fans in your area.

3. Ask them to donate $20 that will go to pay for the entertainment.

4 Send out e-mail invitations to get the word out. (We'll help you do this part!)

5. Put out some light appetizers, ask guests to BYOB and/or bring a dish to share.

6. Relax in your comfortable living room or backyard, and enjoy sharing live music in your home.


It does require a little bit of work, but imagine two hours of live music in your own home!

"I don't have the time."
There is some work getting started. That's why we're here to help. We'll send you flyers to distribute to your friends, family and co-workers to help promote the event.

"I don't have enough friends."
If you don't think you have enough friends, get creative! You might even end up making some new friends...music is a great unifying force. Your co-workers, neighbors and friends-of-friends would love an evening of live music...all you need to do is ask! Perhaps one of your friends would be willing to host a House Concert?

If you are interested in exploring the idea of hosting a House Concert, contact Andy & Renee at reneesafier@hotmail.com or call 310-346-9383.

Chck out this video from a recent House Concert!



"Thank you for all the years of enjoyment you have provided me and Rachael (my daughter), since she was a wee one, at the various venues around LA. When I decided to relocate to the Central Coast, I had no idea missing my A&R and Hard Rain events would be one of the worst aspects of the move. On top of that I didn't know anyone here. Last year, when you mentioned you would be passing through the area, I jumped at the chance to have you in my new home for my first house concert. The looks of astonishment and incredulity expressed at the end of the evening by my guests are still vivid and priceless to me. We have had two concerts now, and I still get comments about the events. They were magical evenings to me. As a new guy, in a rather small and close knit community, it certainly helped this shy guy get accepted and seen in a different light. Best of all, I was able to share with my new friends your special talent that has meant so much to me these dozen plus years. From eight to 80, everyone relates to your music. That still amazes me - how DO you do it? My advice to anyone thinking about a house concert: Do it. Invite the kids and grandfolks. Wonderful exposure and experience for all."
Your friend, Mike Frost, Morro Bay, CA


Ted Lay & Jan Eliot, Eugene, OR
Hosts of several House Concerts


"Hosting Andy and Renee at my home was a warm and wonderful way of inviting my friends and community into my home. Andy and Renee are gracious, funny and approachable. The feedback from those who attended makes me want to do it again and again.
Lise Welsh, Chico, CA
Host of 3 House Concerts

Kari Ruel, Publisher/Editor, www.napavalleylifemagazine.com/

Host of 5 House Concerts

Julie Evans & Greg Reid, Seattle, WA

Steve Reihardt & Diane Stahl, Owner, Urban Roots


Host of numerous House Concerts

Jean Merl, Hermosa Beach, CA

Host of several House Concerts

Kristeen Pemberton & Patty Meeko

Los Gatos, CA


Poncho & Ann Elliott, Owner

Omniform Martial Arts Academy Denver

Hosts of many House Concerts

Every nite should be like last nite. An intimate evening with friends, food, and 2 hours of live music in your own backyard! What makes the songs special is that Andy wrote most of them. It is rare to listen to new songs and really like each one. We get to hear the story behind each song which makes it even more special. My fav was One Foot On Your Doorstep. We have all been there. Should we stay or should we go? Andy is not only an amazing song writer but a master at both guitar and keyboards. Some of the riffs he played would make Clapton jealous. What makes the evening even more enjoyable is to see 2 people, who have been performing together for more than 30 years, have such genuine affection and respect for each other. It's the kind of thing you just can't fake. What a perfect evening.  

Mike & Kathy Geny, Reno, NV

Hosts of several House Concerts and Private Parties

Rob & Jill Anderson, Mill Valley, CA

 The moment Andy and Renee entered my gallery I knew I was in for a treat. Their gentle approach to our club in the country and the confidence in which they set up their equipment were tell tale signs of true professionals without attitude. Jammin' at Jessel's took a giant step forward after their performance and my audience was star struck. It was a honor sharing the stage with these two giants and they worked effortlessly and joyously filling this 100 year old building with new life.
Jessel Miller, Artist and Owner,
Jessel Gallery, Napa, CA

We are looking forward to hosting our 2nd House party featuring Andy & Renee (back by popular demand). Being out of state, we were thrilled at the idea of introducing them to all of our friends and neighbors. People danced, bought CDs and asked for them to return to Park City, UT again.  We're hoping to make an annual event of this. People love parties. This is something different that EVERYONE  loves- ALL ages. We sent out an e-vite and allowed neighbors to bring friends to share in the fun. It was an amazing turn out and a really wonderful time. PS...If you host a House Concert, will you invite me??  

Erica Beichner,
Park City, UT

Steve & Marilyn Geney, Petaluma, CA

Hosts of several House Concerts








The two types of events we customarily put on are as follows:

       The House Concert - this is financially easier on the host and is actually our preferred set-up. The client provides a venue, adequate seating, usually some wine and finger food. How elaborate they want to get is up to them and their friends or co-planners. The guests are asked to make a $20.00 donation upon arrival to pay for the cost of the entertainment. Andy and I ask for a negotiable guarantee. If there are fewer  guests than what it takes to meet the guarantee, the client makes up the remainder. If the money taken in at the door doesn't cover the minimum, this method allows the host to have live entertainment at their home for a very reasonable cost.

   We perform two 45-50 minute sets of our original material, mostly from our CDs with a 20 - minute break in between. At almost every show we are asked for an encore. We explain where the songs come from, and tell stories as part of the format. Since it is literally a concert, the people are seated and remain respectfully quiet during the songs. We will bring in and set up a state of the art PA system which will reproduce our music in astonishing depth and tone.  It has been our experience that guests who are initially skeptical about the $20.00 cover charge for an act with whom they are unfamiliar, are completely won over after hearing a set. Similarly, some clients are able to and prefer to pay the guarantee themselves. This happens in about 1 out of 7 cases, however.

   Audiences love the intimacy and unique quality of the experience, and repeatedly express fascination with learning about the artistic process. In the past, to attend a concert, one has had to buy an expensive ticket, drive to a venue, pay for parking, pay outrageous prices for food and drinks, etc. Today, technology makes it possible for us to bring the music to your living room, back yard, community rec center, etc. We find that not only will the average patron happily pay the $20.00, but they are likely to purchase one or more of our CDs, and offer to host a house-concert of their own in the future