From the recording Fuse32

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© Andy Hill
Andy Hill- Vocals, Electric Guitar, Organ
Renee Safier- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine
Marty Rifkin- Bass
Kirk Makin- Electric Guitar Solo
Edo Tancredi- Drums


Somebody struck the stage before the final act
I’m missing half the page, the rabbit’s back in the hat
Something’s holding me down, and I’m pressing back
But who? How? Why? Now?

Jack! Jack!
I’m in it right up to my soul
You always had my back
Now I got nowhere to go
Brother Jack get me out of the hole

Don’t know when levity turned into gravity
Or the road behind to the cliffs of the abyss in front of me
I kept my things in order, it all used to be intact
But that was then, there, and now it’s here.

Jack! Jack!
All in and it’s too late to fold
I can’t tell red from black
How did I lose control?
Brother Jack get me out of the hole

I am afraid of nothing, I was afraid of nothing
But that was then, there and now it’s here

Jack! Jack!
You’re better off the less you know
I seen it in the cold and black
Give me your hand I’m losing control
Jack get me out of the hole