From the recording Fuse32

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Andy Hill- Vocals, Electric Guitar
Renee Safier-Vocals
Marty Rifkin- Bass


© Andy Hill
Sometimes in the morning, I’ll sit and stare out the window
Or in the evening with the headphones listening to Lucinda
I’ll try to hear what it might have been in me
That made you turn so cruel
That made you choose illusion over possibility

Baby, you’ve changed
You’ve changed – and I’m still the same old me
Baby, you’ve changed
And unchained, you’re free

I wasn’t perfect, but my love for you was
I didn’t choose the times we live in, no one does
And your silence is too much to bear
I’ll fill it with the sound of a lonely voice
With a few notes to spare

We’re not forever, we’re not forever young
Here at this stage and at this age, to think we’re done
You’ve changed.