From the recording Many Miles To Go

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Kids These Days
(© 2007 Andy Hill)
This is a song about adults, and how our choices and actions play out in time and space over a much greater, and unfortunately sadder terrain than we intend once we have families.

I came to you like a parachute
And landed all around your world
For more than a flash in your brief nine years
You were my little girl
Your father and I needed help from the start
And I had a child of my own
Two sudden siblings with your flexible hearts
Were dreamed into this fragile home
Kids these days...

We fought the battles till we lost the war
I took what I could and limped away
Now I think of you as I walk the floor
And all the things there wasn’t time to say
To kids these days…

When the judge put your father and me in our places
You and I were separated too
Time chips away but never erases
The love you can’t know I carry for you
For kids these days...

I'm really not the prayin' kind
If I looked close enough I'd find
There's always something I could say or do
But some things they don't prepare you for
Then you hear the closing of the door
And here I stand but Baby where are you?
Kids these days...

Today my son brought a card from school
and said "Here is something from my sister"
I read your note through the teardrop’s pool
Next to your hand-painted picture
Will it break you down? Will it make you strong?
Can you love or will you live in fear?
One thing I know as time moves along
What you’ll become, it started here
With kids these days…

…With love for Lisa and Madison…

Renee: Vocals, Synth
Andy: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Synth
Marty: Bass, Dobro