From the recording Many Miles To Go

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A Wish into a Dream
(© 2008 Words and music by Andy Hill)
Like every revolution, love seems unlikely, even impossible, until it happens.

Around my eyes a single crease
Of sadness and regret
Is the part of her I’ll keep
And never shall forget
But the countless finer lines
Time brings to bear
Are laughter’s testimony
To this love I chose to share

For a time I would believe
That love was just a myth
For the reckless and naive
To struggle with
Until a tiny miracle
Brought you here to me
And fashioned from surrender
A wish into a dream

Andy: Vocal, Organ, Synth, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Renee: Vocals, Wurlitzer, Shaker, Tambourine
Marty: Bass, Fretless Bass, Pedal Steel, Lap Steel
Voyce McGinley: Congas, Drums