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Baking Powder Biscuits
(© Words and Music by Randy Bachman,
Additional lyrics Mike Tanner, Andy Hill)
Let’s go back to the days before MTV - the days when the
most rotund guys wrote, sang and fronted the band, while
the good-looking guys had to play rhythm guitar and sing back up…

I get up every morning from the alarm clock’s warning
And by 8:15 I’m in the kitchen
Gonna eat with C.F. Turner, got my breakfast on the burner
It’s time for some high-calorie nutrition
And if my eggs get hard, I grab a pound of lard
Whip me up some pancakes on the griddle
I eat lots of food like that so I’m really, really fat
It’s hard to get a belt around my middle

I’m eatin’ baking powder biscuits, everyday
Baking powder biscuits, every way
Baking powder biscuits, I’m overweight
Baking powder biscuits eat ‘em by the plate, pig out…

Instead of weight-liftin’ lots of flour we’ve been siftin’
So we can bake a pie crust moist and tender
I should be doin’ sit ups cause my pants are gonna split up
From the quart of chocolate ice cream in the blender
Thought of goin’ to the gym but they wouldn’t let us in
Said we’re gonna break the apparatus
So we went down to the pub, drank a pitcher, ate a sub
And tried to figure out who was the fattest

From eatin’ baking powder biscuits, every day
Baking powder biscuits, every way
I eat baking powder biscuits, barb–b–qued
Baking powder biscuits, eat ‘em in a stew
Cook out….

Don’t you dare eat my biscuits
While I’m away, or you’ll pay!

Vocals: Andy & Renee
Guitars & Piano: Andy
Bass: Marty
Drums: Edoardo Tancredi