From the recording Hurricane Of The Heart

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Andy Hill: Vocals, Piano, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Renee Safier: BG Vocals, Tambourine
Kirk Makin: Electric Guitar
Kevin Hicks: Bass
Jimmy Vermilya: Saxophone, Backing Vocals
Robert Dill: Drums


Waiting On A Train
(�Words and Music by Andy Hill)

You were seven years old, just a little girl
When that silent telephone finally rang
You caught a bus alone
Out into the great big world
You waited four nights in the rain
On a father who never came
For his little girl waiting on a train

They finally found you and they brought you home
But only the hearts of the abandoned would know the pain
That you were born to bear everywhere you'd roam
A woman forever split in twain
And forever would remain
Part little girl

Waiting on a train
Waiting on a train
Your head says, He's long gone
But your heart says, Maybe tomorrow in vain
And you move on while you're still
Waiting on a train

Its petty-crime mornings
It's always fight or flight
It's hardened shells and sharpened wits
It's bluster and shame
It's your mother's ghost on a funeral night
Then it's tears and more cocaine
Enough just to sustain
That little girl

One day you'll rise and break the chain
From the echo of your father's name
No more waiting
Waiting on a train