From the recording Hurricane Of The Heart

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Andy: Vocals , Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Organ, Strings
Renee: Vocals, Tambourine
Kirk: Electric Guitar
Jimmy: Saxophone Solo
Kevin: Bass
Robert: Drums
Larry Goldman: Tenor Sax
Steve Stassi: Trumpet
Eric Jorgensen: Trombone
Jeff Dellasanti: Baritone Sax


© Words and Music by Andy Hill
For Evelyn, Ernestine & Undine, Caroline & Zella,
their ancestors, and their descendants.
Through the circling winds and the dustbowl summers
Her tears for the lost ones your Mother hid somehow
Upon broad prairie shoulders
God hung an immigrant’s burden
But you didn’t complain,
You wouldn’t know how
Instead you made it through
So this one’s for you
I thank you mother,
That river is behind me now
Police dog howling, the blur of the billy club
Hell, walkin’ down the street you could raise eyebrows
And from those broken old shoes came songs on
the busses
Along dangerous highways through the sundown towns
Somehow you made it through
So this one’s for you
I thank you brother
That river is behind me now
Heroes flash through your world maybe once in a
Like a comet dividing the black and the blue
But some people are like that northern star
They shine with every setting sun the whole night
When I lay me down and the day’s last casualty
Keeps me tortured and turnin’ and thinkin’ I’ll drown
I know when tomorrow arrives clean at midnight
That I’ll wake standing, standing on solid ground
I’ll follow them footprints along the shore
Plant my own where there ain’t no more
Because that river,
That bloody river
You crossed that river
And the river is behind me now