From the recording Hurricane Of The Heart

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Andy: Vocals, Piano
Marty: Steel


© Words and Music by Andy Hill
She is perched next to the fire
Like an elegant martini
You are drawn to the flame
You long to drink her in the evening
She speaks your name in broken English
You are lust in the translation
You send up a silent prayer
But you know that she is taken
She blows through your life
What was together falls apart
And the walls around you crack
In a hurricane of the heart
Your mother was a shepherd
Guiding souls across the river
To this country’s pounding shores
In steady hands you were delivered
You wove your life into a shining garment
Out of ordinary fabric
And engaged these ragged strands of mine
Like music, like magic
You blow through my life
What was together comes apart
And the walls around me fall
In a hurricane of the heart
In a hurricane of the heart