1. Away

From the recording Hurricane Of The Heart

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Andy: Vocals, Piano, Organ, Acoustic Guitar
Renee: Vocals, Tambourine, Shaker
Kirk: Electric Guitar
Jimmy: Saxophone, Backing Vocals
Marty: Electric Guitar, Lap Steel
Kevin: Bass
Robert: Drums


© Words and Music by Andy Hill
We said all our good-byes
In a hundred different ways
Paced the floor and cried
Did it again the next day
When there was nothing to return to
You came back anyway
Your faith is killin’ me baby
Am I gonna have to push you?
Am I gonna have to push you?
Am I gonna have to push you?
I been rollin’ a stone babe
From the mouth of this cave
A cold and empty box
Still I keep crackin’ this safe
Maybe there’s a farm somewhere
Or a yacht on a bay
Where these arms belong babe
The same arms that one day
Are gonna have to push you away
I’m so damn tired of this
It’s gotta hurt you too
How many train wrecks
Can a heart live through?
Sha la la la la…away
When there was nothin’ to return to
You called up the reserves
Stormed the gates at dawn to find
You can’t take back even what’s yours
What is it about love?
Even a bad love babe
We want her more than anything
The moment she’s slippin’…
Sha la la la la la…away