From the recording Hurricane Of The Heart

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Renee: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine
Andy: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Organ, Electric Guitar
Marty: Steel, Dobro, Mandolin
Kirk: Electric Guitar
Kevin: Bass
Robert: Drums


© Words and Music by Larry and Terry Tutor
If you don’t believe I’m outta here,
Count how far I am away
Subtract it from the lonely nights
That decided where we’d stay
Multiply it by the number of ways
I couldn’t make you mine
Both one regret, a finite set on this long
dividing line
Well it goes straight down the middle
And it turns just a little
Till you can’t tell where you’ve been
Then it’s all uphill till you know that we’ll
Never be this way again
There’s a runaway lane down each side to blame
We both missed the signs
Your way or mine we found our kind
(both went blind)
On this long dividing line,
On this long dividing line
With just a fraction of the truth
We drew our own conclusions
Both so leery of any theory
That would have led to a solution
Our sevens became our sixes
Our elevens turned to nines
When we laid down we lost our ground
On this long dividing line
Half the distance between us
A little more than we both know
Closer than we once believed
A little farther as we go
We’ll figure what we looked at and realize the cost
Both so positively certain
We could add this as a loss
We’ll total our experience
In some negative kind of way
And the more we talk about it
The less we’ll have to say