From the recording Midnight Tea

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By Renee Safier
When You Remember Me

When You Remember Me
(Words and Music By Renee Safier and Andy Hill)
I thought I'd write a note to say goodbye
I know I will be gone from here in a little while
I see you sleeping in your chair
You rarely ever moved from there
Because you knew that's how I wanted it to be

I'll miss watching us unfold
And turning gray and growing old
And all that I will never see
So I'll live there in the treasure of your smile
When you remember me

You brush my cheek and your hopes start to rise
Your tender words betrayed by the sadness in your eyes
You held up your weary head
As you slipped into my bed
Because you knew that's how I wanted it to be


I remember little gifts
And fixing up the rifts
That formed the patchwork of our lives
I feel your breath upon my lips
The whisper of your fingertips
As I hold you close to me